About Spikey Ballz

The search for a nearly indestructible, long-lasting dog toy that my dogs wouldn’t chew through in a matter of minutes seemed impossible! 

The toys I bought for them would be ruined by their sharp teeth and once they were punctured through, they would chew at it and my fear was that a piece would cause them an obstruction. After researching to find that perfect dog toy, I decided to design one myself!

My dogs Ivy, Benny, and Kitana (IBK) love playing with all types of balls, whether it’s for a game of fetch at home, at the dog park, in the lake or pool, or by simply staying busy by gnawing at them.  When I got my first prototype, they wouldn’t let go of it and that was when I knew I designed a ball that every dog owner would want for their dog. I am proud to say that the Spikey Ballz is patent-pending!

My goal was to design a ball that is safe, functional, and fun. The long-lasting, durable Spikey Ballz has a tennis ball center and a non-toxic rubber exterior with spikes.  I added the spikes for your dog’s oral health as it can help remove plaque and tarter. It is nearly indestructible and puncture-resistant, provides mental stimulation, and for added fun it bounces, floats, squeaks, and glows!

My hope is that your dog will love it just as much as mine do!

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